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January 14, 2010

Co-Op Preschool Letter O

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O is for Ocean

This week we’ll talk about oceans and the animals and plants that live there.  If you live very near the ocean seriously think about taking a field trip after you’ve talked about ocean life.  I’ve never lived that close to an ocean, but I think it would be great for kids to go together as a class (with their parents in tow, of course).


This CD is a great compilation of songs written and performed by Linda Arnold for the Monterrey Bay (CA) Aquarium.  Each song has a catchy tune and teaches kids about the ocean and the animals that live there.  My 4 year old loves this CD and can sing along with all the songs.  You could have this CD playing in the background throughout your class.  Samples of each track are available at Amazon.  Update: FishMoma at Life As Mom recently wrote about her family’s trip to the Monterrey Bay Aquarium.

Non-fiction books about animals that live in the ocean.  Check out the children’s non-fiction section in the 550-590’s

Create an ocean – have pictures of different ocean life for the kids to color and glue onto a blue paper ocean.  Encourage them to use colors from the pictures you shared during story time.  Some coloring pages can be found at:

Ocean Animals color pages

Ocean Animals at First-School

Directed Playtime….if you have any stuffed animals that live in the ocean set them out and encourage the kids to make up stories about them.
Fish Tank – if you have a fish tank talk about the differences between the pet fish you have and sea creatures.  You could point out differences like: size, shape, predators, tank size vs ocean size, pet vs wild animals.

Go Fish! During play time play the game with 2 kids at a time.  Ours loved to yell “GO FISH!” at the top of their lungs.  I think that’s the best part of the game.  Trying to play the game with more than 2 kids at a time is difficult because they’re usually not great at taking turns if they don’t know the game.  You may have to help the kids figure out what to ask for.  And don’t expect any  of strategy.  That doesn’t come for a few years.

Snack Ideas: Goldfish,  Oreos,  Gummy Fish

If you’re just joining us you may want to read the “How to set up a co-op preschool” post.  Each week I’ll be sharing ideas for introducing your preschoolers to the letters of the alphabet.   Not all of these ideas will work for everyone.  As the year goes on, you’ll figure out what works for your group of kids.  To start the alphabet, check out ideas for the letters A and B or just bookmark this page for all my preschool ideas.


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